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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Handmade cotton printed handwoven rug made in india

Printed rugs are becoming very much popular these days for the reason that we can do whatever design we wish at much reasonable rates.

This picture is just one of the example.

Customised in any design colour and shape.

For more details you may email us at

personalised carpet, area rugs for your home

What do you mean by personalised carpet and area rugs ?

personalised area rug made in silk
personalised area rug made in silk
Personalised mean specifically yours, or say customised just for you on your special demand. When any area rugs or carpets are manufactured as per the design and sizes of any clients as per their given details and specifications, the term is called Personalised.

These may be unusual area rugs, in unusual size, or oversized area rug, or large carpet or rug. This can be made in wool, viscose, or silk.

Its always better to send the design you are looking along with the sizes you need with your personalised colours and you may have the rug made as per your order. Bespoke rugs is another term which are being used.

It is very important to be noted that the following terms means one and same thing :

1. Personalised rugs
2. Personalised carpets
3. Bespoke area rugs
4. Customised rugs

in some cases oversize rugs also comes under this category.

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Custom color pom box manufacturers

Color Pom Box customised for Rug designers

Color pom Box customised for rug designers
Color pom Box customised for rug designers

This custom colour box also known as pom pom box has been made for thr rug designers who wish to have their own design made in custom sizes.

Each designer or manufacturer or retailer need atleast 10 boxes for them ... why? One they havd to keep with them and some they havd to give to their clients so that communicate with the manufacturers of custom rug for the colours.

Without these kind of boxes the result comes very bad...designer says blue with certain blue colour in their mind and manufacturers presume something different. .

This means that at the end when the rug is made there is always confusion. to remove this confusion these pom boxes helps a lot.

We have many more like this. Please visit our website at or email me at for more details

Bamboo silk custom rugs and carpets in your colours and sizes

Custom bamboo silk carpets and rugs

The most successful item in bamboo silk rugs are the one in solid colors. These can be customised in 
any colour, size as per your need.

bamboo silk carpets and rugs
bamboo silk carpets and rugs

If you have any if your colour and have your determined sizes, you may contact a manufacturers of handmade bamboo silk carpets and rugs who can make these as per your requirements. To know more you can visit us at or can also email us at

We are also available on whats ap at +919839141651

Friday, June 24, 2016

Best custom rug and carpet manufacturers of hand-tufted hand-knotted and hand-woven

Best custom rug and carpet manufacturers of hand-tufted hand-knotted and hand-woven

When you are looking for best custom rug manufacturers you should be very clear as to what style you need. 

The most important thing is the budget you have to get the rug made.

Low Budget rugs : hand-woven rugs and carpets

custom size hand-woven rug
custom size hand-woven rug

If you have low budget you should go with hand woven rugs which includes shaggy pattern, flat weaves also known as dhurry or durries. In some case they also name as kelims or kilims. These are mostly recommended where you do not need the pile. These are also known as reversable rugs, where you can reverse the same after some time, as design on both side will be same.

Medium budget rugs : hand-tufted rugs and carpets

Loop cut pile custom hand-tufted rug
Loop cut pile custom hand-tufted rug

For medium budget you can go with hand-tufted rugs. These are mostly in thick pile made in wool and wool mix with silk or so. Any design can be made in this pattern. You can have different pattern in hand-tufted, with different pile heights. These can be made in indian wool, blended wool and new zealand wool. the pile can be from 6 mm till 20 mm, with pattern of loop cut pile, all loop pile, all cut pile, high low pile effect.

One can have contemporary, modern, traditional or persian design in this pattern. In many case from top it looks like hand-knotted rugs.

Long durability rugs and carpets : hand-knotted rugs and carpets

High quality custom hand-knotted rug
High quality custom hand-knotted rug

However if you need something which you need for long term and more durable you should go with hand-knotted pattern.

Once you decide the budget and pattern you wish to go shoot it...just tell the manufacturers about what you need with your design and colour with your sizes and he will do it for you.

To check more about the custom rugs and carpets you may please visit 2 of the websites to know more 

You may also drop your requests or your queries at 

We are also available at what's app at +919839141651

Friday, May 20, 2016

Flat-weave Bamboo silk rug with long fringes

Flat-weave Bamboo silk rug and carpets

There was time that Bamboo silk rug was made in cut pile only with various thickness, in solid as well as in designs...

Why not flatweave rug to made in bamboo, this came in my  mind!!! then i thought lets see how it made first the plain ones...i said no!

because this was not something i was having in my mind, its should look rusty, something rich look, we managed something shaded, not just bamboo silk, but mix some woolen yarn and got made this...

flat weave bamboo silk rug
flat-weave bamboo silk rug
the beauty lies with its long fringes...
bamboo silk flat weave carpet with long fringes
bamboo silk flat-weave carpet with long fringes
Now lets say the colours, there are different range of colours we can make this...when you say for the sizes, yes these can even be customised as per your requirements.

Contact us at for more details.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Custom hand tufted rugs and carpets construction

Different weaving construction in hand tufted custom rugs and carpets

While making the custom rugs and carpets one has to check the type of construction the client is looking for.

We wish to share something with you. When we manufacture a hand tufted rug for you, you have the ability to choose from a wide variety of surface options and finishes that will suit your individual style and design aesthetic. Some surface options include cut-pile, which can be upto 15mm and in exceptional cases 20mm, loop pile normally upto 5mm or even upto 12mm can also be done.Even in some cases we make upto 15mm pile in cut and loop mix.

custom hand tufted rug in cut and loop pile
custom hand tufted rug in cut and loop pile
Slight carving gives the look more sharp and effective. Among some of our finishing techniques are random shearing, carving, eveling, recessing and embossing, which may be applied to these surfaces, giving your tufted rug a touch of your own personal elegance.

These wool hand tufted area rugs are manufactured using a tool known as a “tufting gun.” Loops of wool are beaten by wooden hammer to make look constant. However the cut is sheered.

custom hand tufted rug in loop pile
custom hand tufted rug in loop pile

If you are looking for three-dimensional effects the same can be done with a skilled weaver with high degree of sculpting, giving off, which adds an extra wow factor to your rug.

Do not worry with the sizes and collours as you can choose for your custom made hand tufted rug.

custom hand tufted rug in cut pile
custom hand tufted rug in cut pile

The only issue comes with extra large rugs, but those can also be managed. The versatility of our hand tufted custom rugs and carpets are always appreciated and loved by internationally renowned interior decorators and designers, and other companies, with whom we are working.

Contact us at or visit us at or for more details



Custom Hand-tufted rug in silk
Custom Hand-tufted rug in silk
Hand tufted rugs is an art requiring the highest level of skill which can be made in New Zealand wool, silk and viscose also known as artificial silk. In these yarns there are several factors which contribute to their lavishness, including yarn content, fine detailing and finishing techniques. Material yarn content that are mostly used is high quality 100% wool which is in most of the cases  100% New Zealand wool yarn or blended yarn (mix of Indian wool and newzealand wool). Other yarns, such as nylon, cotton and linen, may also be incorporated. The designs can be in cut pile or cut loop mix too.

 The quality, made in such kind are from high-end to commercial as these Area rugs are unique in shape and size, can be created without limitation. The rugs can be customized to any design from our design book or your own design, as per your interest as suitability.

Custom Hand-tufted rug in wool and silk
Custom Hand-tufted rug in wool and silk
Hand-tufted rugs are among the most luxurious, creative and artistic in the world of rug production. When you talk for the sizes these can be manufactured without seams in an infinite variety of textures and colors. Accents in silk or bamboo add a lush, rich sheen when used in tandem with wool and add a striking detail to your carpet.

Process of making custom hand-tufted rugs are very simple. Once the design is approved, rugs manufacturing in your desired sizes, shapes, designs and colours are processed.

Contact us at or visit at or for more details.
Custom Hand-tufted rug in 100% wool
Custom Hand-tufted rug in 100% wool

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Where can I find bespoke rug company ?

Bespoke rug company :
This is very common question one have when they wish to get their rug made to order or say bespoke rugs.
Where can I find bespoke rug company who are the actual manufacturers not traders or wholesalers or retailers...?
If you are looking for the actual manufacturers for your bespoke rug you can check or other website
Or you can even email at
Before you search you should be clear with the design you wish to have the colour and size. A manufacturer or bespoke rug can help you in very effective way.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Flame retardant viscose or say artificial silk carpets and rugs

Have you heard of flame retardant viscose rugs and carpets? Normally viscose carpets are non flame retardant but there are some treatments which can make these rugs into flame retardant.

We are doing lots of project work where they need flamibility test report...these are passed both under British standards and American standards.

Contact us at for more details on this.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Custom bamboo silk rugs

Custom bamboo silk rugs
Custom bamboo silk rugs

Do you make bamboo silk rugs? Where can i get bamboo silk rugs in my colours? Can you make the custom rugs in our sizes?

These are the common question we receive from the client. 

Being a manufacturers of handmade carpets and rugs from last so many years, we can understand these things better. A manufacturer is like Tailor...when you need any thing customised, lets say a suit...what you do? for the best fit and look you visit a tailor, and he stitches suit as per your design, and sizes.

The same is with the manufacturers of handmade carpets and rugs. you tell your design, or pattern and colours and give to them and they make the same for you.

To see how these are manufactured or the way, you may visit the following link :

Its not just bamboo silk carpets and rugs, but even wool, silk, hemp, linen or any other material you need.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

The rug company in india who are manufacturers of Custom Rugs and Carpets

When someone asks us ARE you one of the rug company, what does that mean?

the rug company
weaving loom of one of the rug company
This is the first question comes into the client mind, when they look for carpets and rugs, mainly custom ones. They want to check that whether they are contacting a Rug company who are producers or say manufacturers of rugs and carpet? or a supplier?

the rug company
design of one of the rug company
We have been in this business more than a decade, and are proud to say YES WE ARE THE RUG COMPANY, IN INDIA.

Yes! we are the manufacturers of handmade custom rugs and carpets...

Yes ! we are the suppliers of any kind of floor coverings including wall to wall coverings. As a rug company, we have hand-tufted, hand-knotted, hand-woven, Axminster, Printed carpets, Carpet tile etc. are the add on with the handmade carpets and rugs.

For any of your requirements, please contact us at

Monday, November 30, 2015

Rug with logo H of HERMES

I have been enquired that whether we can make rug with logo H OF popular brand HERMES like the F Of fendi rugs?

Let's see what the fendi rug looks like...

At the end you will see the fendi rug picture where the F is made in silk and ground in wool.

When they said can we put H of Hermes...I said why not? We are manufacturers and we can make whatever you need from us.

It's nice to have these kind of queries and to fulfil by providing the best custom rug in client size, colour and design.

Contact us at for more details.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sahrai Rugs in wool and silk relief

I have studied Sahrai Rugs and have find that they make mostly in wool and silk relief.

When i checked what is meant by Relief, i find that its high low effect. This mean the ground is in low pile and the design is in high pile.

Here is one example of relief, in close
wool and silk relief rug sample
wool and silk relief rug sample

The other range they make is as under :

5. ALL silk

We have studied that iin Sahrai rugs there are lots of play with the colours. But it is mostly because of high shine in silk yarn. One more example of silk relief rug with wool as base :

sahrai wool and silk relief rug
Style like sahrai rug in wool and silk relief

sahrai hand-knotted silk relief
hand-knotted like sahrai rug in wool and silk relief

If you have any clarifications regarding these kind of rugs, you are always welcome to contact us at or can also visit us at

Thursday, October 22, 2015

I need exact size custom rug for my house!!!

We regularly receive email from the clients saying that they need the custom rugs to be made in EXACT size they have given to us. 

This means that the rug should not be larger or smaller to their sizes.

exact size custom rugsHow this is possible?  Can we get the customised rug made exact to our specified sizes? Yes you can buy in that case you have to prepare inform us. Normally in case of handmade rugs the sizes varies +/- 5cms and in bigger  sizes these varies upto 10 cms or so.
Once we make the rug during finishing of the rugs and carpets we can cut the excess size to make it exact. Even in these cases we make some size big so that it doesn't get short in size.
If you wish to get the customised rugs and carpets made please contact us at where we can guide you more.

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Designer handmade Jute carpets and rugs manufactured in india by skilled craftsmen

Designer Jute carpets and rugs

These are not the normal jute carpets which you can find any where and everywhere. Each section of this rug is crafted, and stitched together to make a perfect rug.

These kind of designer jute rugs can be made in any sizes you need. the lusture, look makes it look luxurious.

for more details about these kind of jute rugs which are natural and eco friendly, you may email us at