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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Best quality custom rugs

What is a custom rug?

hand-knotted custom rugs
hand-knotted custom rugs
I don’t want to beat around the bush while giving the basic details. So, here’s the answer; rugs that are customized based on your requirements and idea. There are two kinds of floor covers in the market, the standard one, and the customized one. The first one comes in fixed size and designs while the later one is modified. Custom rugs according to their name are carpets that are basically modified and enhanced on the basis of requirement of the individuals. So, every custom rug is entirely different from other, this distinctive touch is outcome of your ideas and needs. Some of you might be feeling frustrated because you are unable to find your perfect carpet, isn’t it? Relax; this is why we are here. We help you create your personalized and unique rugs. Instead of running throughout the market and through endless searches, why don’t you create one?

Can you create your own rugs?

do and don't in case of custom rugs
do and don't in case of custom rugs

Without doubt, you can and for this very purpose, we are here. Besides, it’s more fun and unique, isn’t it?  Question is how do you actually create custom rugs? You need to ask yourself about your need, where do you want to place it? Is it for heavy traffic areas or light traffic? Depending on that you can choose the fiber to be used in manufacturing. Then you need to measure the size of the carpet, make sure you measure it properly. There should be a minimum length of around 6’ to 12’ is to be left between your carpet and the adjacent wall. Once you are done with this think about the design you want, possibly consider your decor and the material used. The same goes with the color. Some fiber takes color gracefully while others don’t, so make sure you know what you want. Moreover, with us, you can also get several other options than basic colors and designs. Shades can be mixed to give new vibrancy, just let us know. If you have a rough idea of what pattern or design you want, feel free to let us know and accordingly we improvise and bring clarity to your thoughts.

What fiber is best for a custom rug?
custom rugs in wool and bamboo silk
custom rugs in wool and bamboo silk
Here’s a better view of the material you can use for custom rugs. Remember it all comes down to your need. It can either be cotton, wool, and viscose, silk, or any other. It is a significant factor since it decides the effect and feels and appearance of the rug. Let’s begin with wool, one of the best possible yarns you get to choose. With a long list of advantages, wool carpets are actually quite in demand. It has high strength and durability. The resistance to stain and dirt helps in easy maintenance of the carpets. So, it goes well in heavy traffic area. Additionally, wool carpet has excellent moisture absorbing capacity. Avoid low quality wool rug, those are burden. They shed too quickly and split. The next option for you is silk, undoubtedly one of the best materials for textiles. Silk is not only costlier but also is the finest yarn. A naturally obtained yarn that is capable of upgrading the charm of your home by the multitude. No joke, right? You might already be acquainted with the soft and lustrous texture of silk. The benefit doesn’t end there; silk also has good durability and last decades to treasure. Choose it to add colorful vibrancy and lively feel to your homes. They are beautiful beyond imagination. If you don’t want to dwell yourself inexpensive material, and decide to buy something more pocket friendly, cotton carpets and viscose carpets welcome you. Cotton is not only easy to maintain but has an abundance of variety to choose from. Minimal shedding and sustainability are few of the properties among others, hence maintenance is least bothersome. Viscose carpet also called rayon carpet or art silk carpet is yet another choice. The similarity of these to silk is too a great extent in terms of texture and appearance. Furthermore, use of viscose fiber will ensure your carpet low shedding with good stain resistance and fire resistance. However, longevity may not be very long. This was all about, what kind of fibre you can use for a custom rug.

How to choose a carpet for a living room?

the custom rug in the living room
the custom rug in the living room
Now, let’s have a look at how do you find the perfect rug for your living room? The living room isn’t just any space in your house; it is actually a showcase of your energy and mood. Begin with your lifestyle; it speaks a lot about your needs. Since some prioritize comfort over decor and vice-versa. Hence, it comes down to your style and priority. The size of the carpet is another significant factor we have already discussed. Considering your furniture and decor, make sure you choose the proper size rug, you won’t be pleased otherwise. Over-sized or short length floor cover diminishes the overall appearance and feel. Color and texture are next in the line of consideration. Wool carpets are a wonderful option for a living if the floor has to bear heavy footfalls. If not, you can purchase silk mix rug to make the rug looking rich. Moving on to color, either you can go ahead with bold, vibrant shades or calm and pale hues, the choice is all yours. Although, keep your interior decor in mind. Contact us for further detail in this regard.

Normal care and cleaning of carpets.
Oh! How could I forget about the cleaning of the carpet? It may not sound important but it is. Well, the best way to clean your carpets is to vacuum at regular periods. Both sides need to be vacuumed for better removal of desultory dirt. It ensures longevity and quality is not compromised over the years. In case your carpet is stained avoid scrubbing it. Do not try to rub it harshly, because you will only be damaging it further. It not only fades the color but causes splitting and shedding of yarns. Better contact professionals, they will know how to deal with it. If you want to deep clean your carpet, I will again suggest you get it cleaned professionally. Moreover, if done at home certain aspects like overuse of detergent, or scrubbing, and even wetting can lead to irreversible damage. All the details above were to help you out customize your desired floor cover, to give reality to your imagination, and create a masterpiece like no other.

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Sunday, January 26, 2020

GOTS Organic certified carpets and rugs


 Are your carpets and Rugs are GOTS Organic certified?

We have been advised by new certification which is a must in some cases. A specific certification is required which will make your product certified as GOTS Organic Certification. This means that the product has to be as per the Global Organic Textile Standard.

There has been many textile items where this certification is required, the same has also been started with the rugs and carpets.

now the question comes, whether the carpets and rugs made by a manufacturer have to be GOTS Organic certified? I shall say yes and no you may ask why?

It has been noticed that some of the nations require this certification, this means that your handmade or other styles of carpets and rugs will not be accepted by them or their country if these are not GOTS Organic certified. And No is where you can easily sell your products without this certification. It depends on the norms of specific countries, still, there are many countries where these certifications are not required.

The Standard is awarded to companies who meet the Following socially responsible employment criteria is a must before any certification is given to an organisation who is involved in the manufacturing of carpets and rugs.

There should not be any boundation on thee workers to compulsory opt for work. One cannot make them employed against their will . Employment is freely chosen
The working team of all class of labours and workers should have Freedom of association, and not only this but they should also have the right to collective bargaining and the organisation should respect their feelings too in this matter.

It has to be fair to all, No discrimination is practised
The remuneration given should be fair in all terms.
There should be moderate Working hours.
No precarious employment is provided
Humanity is must get your work done, they should not be treated as slaves or any type of Harsh or inhumane treatment shall not be done, as this is strictly prohibited.
All the safety norms should be taken care at the working premises, with good hygiene
One must ensure that there is no child labour in any manner used.

If you need  GOTS  ORGANIC certified rugs and carpets, you may contact for more details at or can also whats ap at +91-9839141651.

Thursday, December 05, 2019

Custom hand-woven rug in multi colours


What is multicolour hand woven rug?

We get these query regularly as the clients fail to understand what multicolour rug means, is it mixing of all colours together and then weave a rug or is that where you weave different colours in one rug.

To say, both cases come under the multicolour rug, but here we will show you the former case, where you dye one hank with different colours and then weaving is done. This is the toughest, as you never know which colour which fall wherein a rug...

Here we will share the one latest we made where we got the swatch from the was a real challenge, because unless you have a colour recipe of any rug you cannot make the exact, but we tried and we did.

These can be in any form but here what we made is flatweave. The wool is dyed in different shades and then weaving has been done, these are also known as reversible rug where after using for sometimes you can turn the rug around.

Though these are made in bulk but being manufacturers of best quality rugs we do lots of custom rugs orders, where the client doesn't have to have a minimum order quantity but they can order a single rug in their size and we will make for them. This picture of a rug is made in a custom size 8'3"x11'6". We have a manufacturing facility where any size rug can be made.

Colours selection of multi colours rug :

Here we wish to add that we also manufacture the color pom boxes, where you have different number of shades for your reference, and as per your taste you can pick the colours and advise us the code and we will match the closest possible and make the same for you. For your reference, this image will explain things better.

Delivery of custom dhurrie rugs and carpets :

Bigger sizes are always challenged in shipment, but if these are flatweaves, the best thing is that we can fold these rugs and can pack and send for the same. Here you may see the rug being such big size is folded and packed. Now this is ready for shipment.

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