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Sunday, March 17, 2019


Luxury carpets and rugs

Luxury custom rug made in wool and silk
Luxury custom rug made in wool and silk

Have you ever wished to have the best luxuries?

Have you ever thought that we spend so much money on each item for home decor, why not best luxurious carpets and rugs?

Have you  ever  thought  about that one thing that  is common  between  the rich,  the middle class and the poor?  They all have a desire to make their family experience  a luxurious  life with all the income  they  have just to see their happiness, it covers each and every item of the home decor to give luxury look.

Ever thought why do we paint houses even if they aren't very well furnished?  The colors remove the cracks on the wall and add elegance to their palisades and hearts as well. Give a thought to it for a minute. But these four painted walls could do nothing if they complement themselves with slit marble floorings.  It is a cause of concern if deeply thought upon. To get rid of this problem with the minimum investment, one can always contact a manufacturer of luxury carpets who can make the custom rugs and carpets for you to make your floor look great. Here One common question: Can anyone advise where we can find  Luxury carpet manufacturers?

There are many claims to be manufacturers but they are come out to be a trader, who doesn't have much knowledge and misguide you. Global  floor  furnishers  brings for its customers  a wide  range  of exclusive  carpets specially named as the 'luxury carpet'

The name itself describes how the rug may look like. But to be more descriptive, these carpets may offer authenticity, fancy, rich and costly look that may offer comfort in the eyes of the consumer.  The use of silk yarn, rayon or art silk yarn, bamboo silk yarn and wool depending upon the taste will help you in this.

Along with  this,   the sort of designs that are depicted in the carpet amuses the mind of the viewers. The team of highly qualified workers put in all their efforts say so that utilities can be provided day and night. They don't believe in looting their worthy buyers by providing third-grade quality products and are intensely concerned about the durability and quality factor. It's you always gets more than what you pay for.

The best  thing with these carpets are that they can be spread anywhere the customer feels like. For instance,  the carpets at the 7 star hotel, or tapestries at a royal darbar,   rugs in conferences, and also in auditoriums and movie theaters.  We Indian  should  be proud of the fact that thousands and lakes of luxury carpet made by our Indian workers are exported worldwide, and we as Global Floor Furnishers, having set up in northern part of india covering bhadohi, varanasi, jaipur, panipat and other belts of manufacturing hubs.

We always welcome your queries if any for your custom requirements of hand made luxury carpets. You can email us at for more details

Sharing few pictures of one of custom luxury carpet manufactured by us :

luxury carpet manufacturers in india
luxury carpet manufacturers in india

luxury rugs manufacturers india
luxury rugs manufacturers india

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Process of manufacturing a hand-tufted rugs and carpets

what is the process of making hand-tufted carpets and rugs in India?

If you are curious to know how the hand-tufted rugs and carpets are manufactured in India, here are the steps :

1. The area where you will place the carpet or rug
3. Size you need
3. Design selection
4. Color Selection
5. The materials used in carpet/rug
6. Delivery time

1. Area for which you need carpet or rug:

Do you need an outdoor or indoor rug? Is the rug needed for the living room, bedroom, dining area or any other area? You must be very sure about the same, as this is one of the important decision while making the selection of style of rugs you need

2. Size of the carpet or rug: 

Once you decide which area you will place the rug, the second important thing is the size. A manufacturer can make any size, shape, and pattern you need, even if you have an odd size, circular, square, or any odd shape or size, the same can also be manufactured.

3. Finalisation of designs: 

Once the client wishes to have the rug and carpet made, they will decide which design or pattern they need to have. This can happen in both way, either they will send you the design or they will give you their desired taste as to which type they need, and accordingly a manufacturer will send them some options, to which they will make the selection. Once the design is decided then step no.2

4. Selection of colors : 

It's not necessary that the colors being used in the design is as per the taste, this mean that design is finalised but the colors are not matching as per the taste. In this case role of color reference system also known as pom box of colour, or color strip popularly of RAL or Pantone, or even any other color strip or fabric cutting to match the colour can also be provided. The whole purpose here is to understand the tone of colour, which is in mind.

5. Materials to be used : 

Whether you need the rug in synthetic yarn or natural yarn? in natural do you need wool or silk or other type? Different material have a different feel and look for example silk being very soft and luxurious. A rug factory can manufacture any style you need.

6. Delivery time :

Whether you need a bespoke rug also known as custom rugs or ready rugs. If you need the latter you can always ask a manufacturer to send you the designs and sizes what are available with them, and they can offer you the same if that's go well with you may proceed or else you can place an order of your custom rug.

After all the above Do ask the manufacturer to share the image of the ready rug so that you can be very sure that you will get what you have ordered.

Here are images showing the different stages from which a custom rug is passing from weaving to client living area.

design of hand-tufted rug being finalised by the client
design of hand-tufted rug being finalised by the client
image trace being put on canvas cloth for weaving of hand-tufted rug
image trace being put on canvas cloth for the weaving of hand-tufted rug

the weaving of hand-tufted rug in wool and silk yarn
the weaving of hand-tufted rug in wool and silk yarn
finished hand-tufted rug in wool and silk ready for despatch
finished hand-tufted rug in wool and silk ready for despatch
luxurious hand-tufted rug in wool and silk displayed at client living area
luxurious hand-tufted rug in wool and silk displayed at client living area

If you have any queries for getting a rug or carpet manufactured in bulk or custom you may always reach to us at for more details. For an idea, you may also visit or

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Rugs and carpets in different patterns

We being manufacturers of handmade carpets and rugs in india wish to share different types of styles which are mostly accepted in wider terms.

So here we go...

1.  Hand-tufted rugs : number one is hand tufted carpets and rugs. You name any design, any pattern almost this technique of hand-tufted can do. A very popular type of carpets and rugs which are much in demand for various projects of rooms, for villas, and customized requirements. Two main best part of this manufacturing style is faster production  and lower cost. The most common and accepted floor covering in today's scenario. 

What is not good part is you cannot wash this rug as latex is being used to paste the canvas to lock the weaving done. So contact with water may damage. But in view of use and throw concept, this is always a winner in all race.

2. Hand-knotted rugs : This is normally made in 2 weaving pattern. One is Persian weave originally adopted from Iran and other Tibetan weave adopted from Nepal. Weave make it look elegant and the best. This type of carpet and long durable and for very high-end clients. A rug with a class. These are expensive in terms of money but a true value and investment which Will make your home look always great and high class.

3. Hand woven rugs : also popularly called flatweave. These are made in handloom and also with punja weave. These 2 different pattern makes the rugs look great and stylish. Where you don't need thick rug and have to cover the floor this is the best option.

 Yarn being used in these patterns are mostly wool. Depending as to which kind of yarn you need the prices vary. If you need the rugs and carpets for any project like hotel resort or villa do advise and we will try to offer you the best option. Just email me at or visit for more

Friday, February 15, 2019

Wool and silk rugs manufacturers in india

Are you looking for custom rugs to be manufactured by a rug factory? directly from the factory? no mediator? No trader? No wholesaler or retailer?
hand-knotted custom rug
hand-knotted custom rug

If your answer is yes, we would like to share one rug factory who offers one of the best carpet and rugs in India.  They have good facility, best service, very competitive price compared to the quality they offer. The best part is that being exporter too they can ship anywhere in the world.

hand-knotted rug manufacturers india
hand-knotted rug manufacturers india
Recently they have manufactured a custom rug for a client in loop cut weave pattern, which was made with hand-knotted weaving technique. The design was being asked by the client which they made and was looking great.

The color chosen by them was taken from PANTONE TPx shades, which the factory matched and made. A true masterpiece...

hand-knotted wool silk rug
hand-knotted wool silk rug

You wish to get your dreams come true on your floor? what are you waiting for!!! write them at or whats ap them at 0091-9839141651

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Hand carved rug

which type of carpets or rugs gives good carving effect especially for custom rugs?

When we made many styles in wool, viscose, bamboo and such other yarn we find that wool carpets and rugs are the best for showing the carving effect.

The woolen yarn has got many properties so is the best yarn to be used in any carpets and rugs. Here is an example of hand carved rug, in wool.

hand carved rug made in wool
hand carved rug made in wool

Also these are samples showing close view of the deep carving showing the rug looking luxurious and rich. A best style carpet and rug for any interior projects.

hand-carved rug hand tufted
close view of hand-carved rug

3d effect woolen carpet
3d effect woolen carpet

The best part is that these can be customised in any color and sizes you are looking for. For more details you may contact us at or whats ap at 0091-9839141651.